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The Integrative Iridologist Professional (I.I.P) Study Program

What is Iridology?

Iridology is the science of analyzing the irides of the eyes for constitutional strengths and weaknesses.

Iridology is used as an assessment tool. It is not a medical exam or a definitive diagnosis of disease. Rather, it helps to recognize:

* Toxins and their locations
* Stages of Inflammation
* Inherent Weakness or Strength
* General Health level
* Appropriate foods and nutritional needs based on iridological signs.

The Integrative Iridologist Professional Study Program Consists Of:

1. 12 eBooks with study questions on the topics of Iridology and Natural Health

2. Detoxification Questionnaire

3. Bach Flower Questionnaire

This program will enable you to become an equipped and knowledgeable Integrative Iridologist Professional (I.I.P)

What is special about this kit is that we have added Sclerology, Reflexology, Reflective Foot Analysis and Muscle Testing, making it extremely accurate in assessing and achieving wellness.

Note: Primitius International offers a workshop where these skills are taught and practiced. See the Natural Health and Wellness Workshop Page.

The Integrative Iridologist Professional Study Program details:

Twelve eBooks:

Anatomy and Physiology 

Natural Health and Nutrition 

Chemistry Basics

Natural Health Approaches Manual

Muscle Testing for Optimal Wellness


Iridology Simplified and Iridology Manual (with Emotional Iridology included) 2 eBooks

Sclerology for Health

Reflective Foot Analysis

Basic Reflexology

PEMF Therapy for Wellness

Most eBooks are written by Lawrence DeSantis, CFMP, ND 

Further information about the eBooks can be found at the web store.

Upon completion of this self-study program, a certificate of completion is awarded by Primitius Institute for Natural Medicine. This wall certificate is emailed to you once you have completed the open book exam and have scored a minimum of seventy percent. The Open Book Exam is emailed to you along with the eBooks and materials. All instructions are included with the study program.

The Integrative Iridologist Professional Study Program is approved by the IANHP for a RNHP registration, see

This Study Program is approved by New Eden University

To purchase this study program, visit the web store.

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Iridology Classes

The Iris in Iridology

The Integrative Iridologist Professional Study Program
Sclerology is the art and science of interpreting the presence of blood vessel lines in the sclera of the eyes. It also consists of assessing colors and other findings in the sclera.  This science can pick up stress and congestion in the corresponding body areas.
Iridology Courses
Reflective Foot Analysis is the art and science of analyzing the lines and markings of the feet in order to assess physical wellness. A wealth of information is gathered from this assessment, which includes digestive wellness, immune wellness, organ and tissue wellness and much more.