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PEMF Devices

Why PEMF Therapy? 

When cells are toxic or damaged, the cell membrane becomes thick and stiff, resulting in electrical and chemical receptors which do not function properly. When the pulsating field of PEMF therapy reaches the cells, they expand, facilitating the inflow of fresh nutrients and oxygen. The toxins are pushed out, resulting in cells that are cleansed, refreshed and able to work more efficiently. This restores balanced health and well-being. This response affects all types of cells: blood, brain, nerve and bone. Healthy cells lead to a healthy body! 

Americans have been suffering from chronic pain for decades, only to purchase an endless list of prescription medications or suffer from the pain and recovery time with expensive surgical procedures. 

PEMF therapy can help sustain or improve your health, optimize general wellness, promote relaxation, reduce stress, enhance blood flow and oxygenation,  improve energy, and help you live well even with a chronic disease or condition like type 2 diabetes.

 Do you suffer from inflammation, pain, and swelling? Do you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? Do you have poor circulation? It could be time for you to try PEMF Therapy. 

PEMF therapy can give you full body therapy to address your body’s needs. Whether you are depleted of energy, in need of more sleep, or you suffer from aches and pains.

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Understanding PEMF Therapy

Cells that have become compromised due to high toxicity levels have cell membranes that are both stiff and thick. This causes electrical and chemical receptors to malfunction. Once the field of PEMF therapy reaches the cells, they then expand which helps nutrients and vital oxygen to flow freely once again. After the toxins have been expelled, the cells are then refreshed and cleansed allowing them to function much more efficiently. This restores the individual's overall health and well being

At Primitus International, we offer pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices in our online store. Improve the happiness and health of your cells by ordering this convenient and easy to use device. All types of cells can benefit from PEMF therapy including blood, brain, nerve, and bone cells. With healthy cells, one can enjoy a healthy body for many years to come! With PEMF therapy, dramatic health improvements are noted, wellness is optimized, and chronic diseases can be avoided. Whether you are suffering from pain, swelling, or inflammation, you can benefit from this type of therapeutic treatment.

Enjoy the many benefits of PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy offers many different benefits including providing you with a full body therapy that addresses your needs. Whether you have been experiencing chronic pain for years or you are looking for a solution and an alternative to prescription medication, PEMF Therapy may be just what you need.

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