Primitius International

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Primitius International Offers Professional Workshop Training for Natural Health and Wellness Students and Professionals

The workshops can be applied for continuing education.

The International Association of Natural Health Practitioners (IANHP) accepts these workshops as CEU (continuing education units)  and will also credit the workshop training towards a RNHP or Naturopathic Registration. For more information visit them at

New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies has approved these workshops as course credit or internship. New Eden School awards two credits for the 2 day workshop (16 actual hours).  

Visit the school at 

For attending and participating in the next workshop, Primitius International will award a Certificate of Completion in Natural Health and Wellness.

Schedule for the next workshop:


To be announced

Workshops are effective ways for Natural Health and Wellness Students and Professionals to obtain hands-on experience.

A Natural Health and Wellness DVD Workshop is available through the Web store or the Natural Health Supplies web page.