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Natural Health Consultations

Primitius International offers Online Natural Health and Wellness Consultation Services.

The fee is 95.00 (USD)

The fee includes the following:

* The Evaluation of a Natural Health Questionnaire Survey which is emailed  to you once you have paid the fee

* A list of recommended natural foods, supplements, lifestyle changes, exercises, and other wellness approaches to optimal health.

* Recommendations as to when the next consultation should be and if you need to consult a medical professional.

*  Guidance to wellness labs, if needed.

This service is provided and supervised by Lawrence DeSantis, CFMP, ND
He is a Naturopath and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner that has been helping individuals gain health and wellness for over thirty years.

Note: The consultation takes place by email and by phone. The phone consultation is restricted to 40 minutes.

Natural or Holistic Consultations take into account the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions -- in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

To order a natural health consultation, send us an email and we will invoice you.

Primitus International is a leading provider of well researched self study courses in the area of holistic and natural health. Our naturopathic consultations are another service we provide to aid individuals on their journeys to greater health and well being. Our natural health and wellness consultations are favorably priced at $99.00 (USD) This flat rate includes a variety of different services including:

  • A complete evaluation of your Natural Health Questionnaire Survey that is emailed after the fee has been paid.
  • A list of recommended natural foods, lifestyle adjustments, supplementation, exercises, and additional wellness approaches that ensure optimal health is attained.
  • Recommendations made as to when the following consultation should be set and whether a follow up with a medical professional is needed.
  • Guidance to specific wellness labs if needed.

To set up a naturopathic consultation, simply make payment by selecting one of the payment options below and an email will be sent to you with the Natural Health Questionnaire Survey. The consultation will take place by phone and will be limited to 40 minutes long.

Each natural and holistic consultation considers the whole person inclusive of mind, body, spirit, and emotions towards the goal of optimal health and wellness. All natural health consultations are offered through the Primitus Institute For Natural Medicine.

Contact Us

Contact The Primitus Institute For Natural Medicine for more information about our naturopathic consultation services or to purchase one of our courses by calling us at 1(847) 801-9479 or send an email to today.

Online Natural Health Consultation

Natural Health Consultations are offered through Primitius Institute for Natural Medicine.

Naturopathic Consultation
Nutritional Consultation

Purchase a Natural Health Consultation      and receive a consultation from a Registered Naturopath and a Board Certified Alternative Health Professional.

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