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Faith Based Wellness eBooks

This is an ideal eBook packet for those who want to gain knowledge in the area of faith based wellness (wholistic wellness).. 

It consists of multiple eBooks. 

This an educational packet for your learning.

If you were to purchase the eBooks separately, they would cost much more.

The Faith Based Wellness eBook Packet consists of the following ten eBooks:

The Practice of Wholiopathy

Manual of Wholistic Medicine

Anatomy and Physiology 

Natural Health and Nutrition

Faith Based Iridology


Biblical Wellness

Soul Restoration*

Original Medicine Approaches

Biblical Counseling

*Soul Restoration is an eBook that covers the following topics:

The importance of soul restoration / The stony heart / Unmet needs / Generational iniquities and Strongholds / Freedom from anxiety, anger, and depression  / Father God's love for the orphan mindset / A Baptism of Love.

Most eBooks are written by Lawrence DeSantis, CFMP, ND, WD

Further information about each eBook can be found at the web store

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Faith based Wellness

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