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The Certified Alternative Health Professional 

(CAHP) Study Program

The Certified Alternative Health Professional (CAHP) Study Program is an excellent way to be educated in alternative health and wellness in order to help yourself and others.

This is an excellent program for those who want to start a business or open an alternative health and wellness center, or office.

The CAHP Study Program is self-paced and consists of multiple eBooks that include study questions for your learning. 

The eBooks have been written by Lawrence DeSantis, CFMP, ND

The web store / eBook pages of this website has information on each eBook.

The CAHP Study Program is ideal for CEU Credit (Continuing Education).

The eBooks included in the Certified Alternative Health Professional Program are:

Anatomy and Physiology 

Guide to Complementary and Alternative Health 

Natural Health and Nutrition 

Natural Health Approaches Manual

The Natural Health Professional's Guide to Integrative Wellness

Effective Modalities & Products for Optimal Health and Wellness

Questionnaires included:

The Optimal Wellness Survey (Most extensive questionnaire available)

A seventy percent score must be achieved on the study questions  in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. The award is then emailed to you. There is no time limit  to turn in the study questions for grading.

All instructions are given with the purchase of the Certified Alternative Health Professional Study Program.

Questions on this self-study program can be addressed to

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The CAHP Study Program is approved by P.I.N.M 

The CAHP Study Program is approved by NEU

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