Primitius International

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Primitius International 

The Online Place For:

* Natural Health Books and Items

* Natural Health and Wellness DVD Workshop

* Recommended PEMF Devices

*The Alaskan Kyani Products for Wellness

*The Long Life Wellness Plan

*The Wellness eBook Packet

Naturopathic Consultation

*The Natural Health and Longevity Study Program

Highly Recommended eBooks:

* Eleven Keys to Health and Longevity 

* Effective Modalities & Products for Optimal Health

* Nutritional Therapy


IANHP Wellness Conferences

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Directory of Natural Health Practitioners and Naturopaths:

EMF Protection Devices (Pendants)

EMF and 5G Protection Shields: 

Foot wear that has been scientifically proven to improve balance, stability, power, stamina, reaction time, pain relief, energy, recovery time, posture, and more:

Primitius International  is for the searching consumer and for serious students and health practitioners of the natural healing arts