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The Naturopathic Professional (NP) Study Program

The Naturopathic Professional (NP) Study Program is ideal  for those who want to start a business or offer Naturopathic Consultations.

The NP Study Program is a self-study packet that consists of multiple eBooks which include study questions for your learning.

The Naturopathic  Professional Study (NP)  Program consists of the following 18 eBooks:

Anatomy and Physiology 

Natural Health and Nutrition 

Chemistry Basics 

Eleven Keys to Health and Longevity


Natural Health Approaches Manual

Wellness Counseling Practices for Natural Health Professionals

Muscle Testing for Optimal Wellness

Iridology Manual

pH Balance for Optimal Wellness




Traditional Naturopathic Approaches

PEMF Therapy for Wellness

Cell Salts & Homeopathic Remedies (2 eBooks)

Business and Practice Matters for Natural Health Professionals

Most of the eBooks are written by Lawrence DeSantis, CFMP, ND 

Questionnaires included:

The Optimal Wellness Survey (Most extensive questionnaire available)

Bach Flower Questionnaire

A certificate of completion from Primitius Institute for Natural Medicine is awarded with the completion of the NP Study Program.

A seventy percent score must be achieved on the study questions in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. The completed study questions are to be emailed to Primitius, there is no time limit. The award is then emailed to you. 

* The NP Study program is approved by the IANHP for a RNHP or                            RNC registration and designation, see

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Help thousands of people through Naturopathy by purchasing The Naturopathic Professional (NP) Study Program.

With the Completion of The Naturopathic Professional (NP) Study Program, Primitius Institute for Natural Medicine (P.I.N.M) will issue you a Certificate of Completion. 

P.I.N.M is recognized by the IANHP..

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The Naturopathic Professional  (NP) Study Program is approved by the IANHP for a Registered Naturopathic Counselor registration. See

The NP Study Program is ideal for CEU Credit

(Continuing Education).

New Eden School recognizes The Naturopathic Professional (NP) Study Program and awards ten credits.